Jack Conroy


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Listening is a learned skill.  My experience and formal training in this area set me apart from other REALTOR's.  To ensure I have heard and understand my client?s goals I document and present them in written.



The Seller and Buyer in a Real Estate transactions have complementary and competing goals.  Cost, Condition, Competition and Convience determines if and when a property will sell.  As their trusted advisor, I use my experience, specialized knowledge and training to assist sellers in understanding the current market forces which influence the sale of their home.  Together we will design and implementing an effective marketing plan to get the best price, contract terms and help them achieve their goals.


Contract Negotiation:

Negotiating skills or the lack there of often determine the degree of success we achieve in a Real Estate Transaction.   As a certified skilled negotiator and a trained facilitator I have the knowledge and skills to negotiate the best possible price, obtain the most favorable terms and put a contract together that will stay together.  This is achieved by identifying the ?must have criteria? of both parties, driving a WIN-WIN result relationship, avoiding conflicts and employing positive negotiating techniques.


Project Management:

A Real Estate transaction is a complex mix of inspections, appraisals and contracts which require great attention to detail.  Time sensitive planning and execution is required to make a Real Estate transaction go flawlessly for either the purchase of a new home or the sale of your existing home.  Having received extensive training in project management, transaction quality and been responsible for the management of transactions from a thousand dollars to multi-million dollars.  One thing I have learned is that people respond more to being lead than being managed. I have the experience to influence all parties involved in the transaction to perform at their highest levels of effectiveness.


Customer Service: 

 ?Success comes to those who are obsessed with looking after their customers.? I attribute my success to going the extra mile to ensure my clients know what is going on, why it is taking place and when it will be done.  I treat each client as if they are my only client.  I spend as much time as necessary to explain each step of the process and what is next.  I also, provide each of my clients with a written communication plan which defines when, what and how.


Financing and Implementation: 

A Real Estate transaction is a high-pressure, extremely emotional decision which is in most cases the largest financial transaction a person will be involved in.  Financing is the major element in every Real Estate transaction.  Getting the best deal when financing a home is dependent on several factors:  risk assessment, ability to pay, credit scores, availability of money to lend and timing.  My experience and network of resources enable me to assist my clients in defining alternative sources of funding, evaluation of each offer and implementing the task required to secure the financing.